Chesterfield : It’s so British !

détail chesterChesterfield is an English-style type of armchairs and sofas. It is usually covered with padded leather. As well as the club chair, the Chesterfield is also available in different fabrics. The back is padded with horsehair while cushions are padded with goose feathers. The richness of materials such as leather or finest fabrics, stretched on a wooden furniture, makes this type of chairs look exceptionally beautiful.

Having “leather” under your skin !

Skin is a living material, firm and strong. The upholstered chair plays with light and has a warm look. As it ages, each fold becomes like a wrinkle on the face of a wise man that no danger scares off. As time goes by, the piece of furniture acquires patina without looking ugly. These time signs give the chair such charm and style that only connoisseurs will appreciate.



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