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How to maintain a club chair?

Entretenir un fauteuil club en cuir

Quelques conseils pour bien entretenir son fauteuil club


You may have already heard, the care of your leather club chair is an essential step. But why is this so important? Quite simply, because the basane, also called “full grain leather”, is a very fragile living material. It is a rather thick leather, between 1.2 and 1.4 mm, but less than a full grain cow that can reach more than 5 mm. It is also a particular skin because it softens with time. Your leather club chair looks more beautiful over the years.

It should be noted that this type of furniture can accompany its owners on average between 30 and 40 years. But not all coatings need to be maintained in the same way. The leather chair is relatively easy to maintain, as you only need a cloth to remove dust once every two months. It will just be necessary to avoid rubbing and to favour circular movements.


Elements to watch for

The sun

The chair does not appreciate direct sunlight. Indeed, leather reacts like our skin and can dry out over time. This advice also applies to fabric chairs.

The radiator

For the same reason, above, a high heat source can dry the leather of your chair. All leathers are concerned, whether they are basane or cowhide.

The air

As you air your house or apartment, the chair also needs to change air. Try to circulate the air either to bring some humidity or to bring some heat.



If your club chair is stained, scratched or if the seams come off, a few simple steps are enough to restore your furniture. Certain precautions must also be taken to ensure that your furniture retains its full brilliance. For major repairs (changing broken springs, straps or even filling with horsehair) and restoration of your chair (changing torn leather, for example), it is recommended to consult a professional.